Shawn Harry | Teams Desktop – Citrix Full VDI Support Roadmap
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Teams Desktop – Citrix Full VDI Support Roadmap

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Teams Citrix VDI roadmap is taken from Citrix Synergy TV – SYN211 – HDX: Its all about the user experience@ 21:54












  • New media Engine. Not based on previous SfB RTOP (Real Time Optimisation Pack) RTME architecture.
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) 1906 will be the first released to support Teams desktop and offload for A/V and Screen Sharing.
  • Will be bundled with the Citrix Workspace App (CWA) – so no longer a seperate plugin as was the case with SfB HDX.
  • Windows will be supported first then Linux, then Mac.
  • Screen sharing offload included too. (SfB HDX didnt offload screen share)
  • Microsoft support for Teams VDI/CWA  will be released after the Teams VDI Tech Preview.
  • Microsoft Teams Technical Adoption Program (TAP) ends in June, then Tech Preview begins.
  • Control will be on a per user basis for enablement/management.
  • Teams can be installed in the admin context into Program Files for administrative control
  • Citrix uses WebRTC standard for call control/signalling to Teams
  • Teams VDI Client will be bundled with teams by default so no need for seperate plugin.
  • OPUS for audio and H.264 SVC for Video.
  • CWA 1907 – Possibly early July
  • CVAD 1909 – Q3 2019
  • CWA 1910 – Q3 2019
  • VDA 2003 – Q1 2020
  • Long Term Service Release (LTSR) doesnt align with Teams. New features will not be back ported into LTSR release.
  • SDWan support


Further information can be found here and

Citrix HDX Teams demo