Shawn Harry | Trio8800 admitted into lobby when using a ‘private’ meeting
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Trio8800 admitted into lobby when using a ‘private’ meeting

The following has been verified as a bug in the latest Trio FW build. The previous FW also exhibits the same behavior. Wether a private or public SfB meeting is used the expected behavior is the meeting room should be admitted to the conference automatically when using the default settings in the conference invite. EG “Anyone from my organisation” will not have to wait in the lobby.  See the post below in the Polycom community forum for further details.

This has been escalated to Polycom R&D/Support for resolution possibly in the next FW release. Many thanks to Adam Jacobs @ Polycom for reproducing and verifying the issue.

**Update The bug is actually in the SfB MCU with how it handles a Meeting Room account when using a private meeting. Thus the bug is actually with SfB Server but affects any endpoint using a Meeting Room account. Signing into a SfB Client with a Meeting Room account and a scheduled private meeting reproduces the bug.